What happens in Berlin, stays in Berlin!

But I’m more than willing to bend the rules to share with you this year’s BCB amazing highlights.

BCB2022 show was able to restore its pre-pandemic greatness! For the three days of this show’s duration, The Berlin Exhibition halls served as the main venue, returning to its original size, similar to how it was in 2019 at the Berlin Station. The exhibition took place over six exhibition halls in a fun and relaxed environment.

Needless to say, the halls were packed with worldwide visitors and exhibitors, an outstanding experience where the bar world protagonists showcased only the best. 

Since we’re talking about the best, obviously The Spirit of Italy team was present with its beloved and celebrated liqueurs. Strega, Pallini, Toschi, Varnelli, and Lucano showcased their award-winning products and cocktails uniquely and unforgettably in the group booth at Hall 20, Stand C42. 

It was a fantastic opportunity to unveil 5 cocktails brilliantly mixed by two expert mixologists, Marco and Silvio, from Officine Sbiellate, a trendy Milan cocktail bar.

Visitors were able to adventure into the thrilling world of mixology by savoring:

Strega’s cocktail Stregotto is an exciting drink for bitter-taste lovers. This herbal cocktail has Liquore Strega, Bitter, and Chinotto, an absolute delight if you like a combination of bitter flavors. 

Everyone loves a Spritz, and what better than one with a fresh citric twist! Pallini presented their Pallini Spritz cocktail, an exciting and bubbly mix of Pallini Limoncello, Prosecco, and Sparkling water. The best mate for summer!

Toschi displayed the Walnut Passion cocktail, a nutty flavored delight made with their Nocello, Passion Fruit syrup, vodka, lime juice, and tonic water. A cocktail that reminded me of autumn and its unique shades. 

Varnelli presented their unique Amelia Earhart, a true homage to the famous American pilot. This bold and elegant drink has delicious licorice notes with fruity accents. And last but not least, Lucano gave us its Paloma Lucano, an exciting bittersweet twist on the Mexican classic drink. This cocktail had an unforgettable taste, Amaro Lucano’s unique signature flavor mixed with lime juice, salty agave coffee flavored syrup, and pink grapefruit soda

Marco and Silvio, Officine Sbiellate’s superstar mixologists.

Strega’s cocktail Stregotto, an exciting drink for bitter taste lovers.

Bubbly and exciting Pallini Spritz.

The Walnut Passion cocktail, made with Toschi’s delicious Nocello 

Amelia Earhart, bold and elegant.

Amaro Lucano’s Paloma, a perfect balance of bittersweet flavors.

Each one of these cocktails was an explosion of flavors, perfectly mixed and balanced- I honestly can’t choose my favorite one, so different and flavourful, but I challenge you to try them and decide which one you love! 

It didn’t end there, Nardini, Cocchi, and Luxardo, also prestigious members of The Spirit of Italy, were present with their own stands presenting their beloved award-winning liqueurs. 

It was without a doubt an unforgettable experience, you surely understand if you were able to attend, and if you weren’t present this year, make sure you don’t miss next year’s BCB, for I have surely become a regular!

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